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Shine Bright – Your Guide to Studio Lighting

NEW! June 2nd 2023

Let’s go on an illuminating journey into the magical realm of studio lighting! From basic to professional setups, I will be highlighting equipment that will take your studio to the next level. 

We will start with one piece of game-changing gear to add to your arsenal immediately. That’s right, you can transform your photos from dull to dazzling without emptying your wallet on an entire studio setup!

Perfecting Outdoor Lighting and Flash

May 19th 2023

Outdoor photography has a unique charm and offers a limitless canvas. From the soft shadows of an overcast day to the golden hues of a setting sun… Each scene offers endless creative opportunities. Especially when you use flash! As weird as it may sound to some, using a flash outdoors can be a great way to add dimension to your shots, eliminate some shadows and bring out more vibrance. It helps capture the beauty of nature while presenting the subject better for the perfect shot.

So, we’ll dive into the world of outdoor photography and explore how flash along with ambient light can bring shots to a whole new level. To create visually stunning and professionally lit shots that are sure to drop your jaw.

Mastering the Art of Studio Photography

May 5th 2023

It’s always a great opportunity to get in the studio when the weather turns ugly. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with capturing the story of a frozen ice queen in the wilderness. The whole experience is breathtaking when the wind chill is high and blowing right in your face…

Funniness aside, It just becomes the perfect time to enjoy the warmth of the indoors. So in this blog, we will be exploring the essential elements of studio photography. From lighting and backgrounds to wardrobe and technical considerations, you’ll be well on your way to capturing unforgettable shots!

Maximizing Your Creative Potential With Models

Part III – Communication, Payment & Agreements

April 21st 2023

We can’t deny it… there is one thing we can all continue to improve upon. The one thing that is impacting every single interaction and relationship in our lives. Which is determining the depth of safety and understanding we feel when connecting with others. And even impacting whether or not we feel free to fully express ourselves. It’s that one thing, you know… communication.

Maximizing Your Creative Potential With Models

Part II – Breaks, Safety & Privacy

April 7th 2023

Capturing these moments creates visually and emotionally impactful images. So in part 2 of this three-part blog series, we’ll explore ways we can create a space for our subject to tap into their creativity. From the impact of taking breaks to the awareness around safety and privacy, there are underlying elements to consider. And it is our responsibility as photographers to incorporate these elements to naturally allow their personality to shine. By maximizing your model’s creative potential we will also maximize ours.

Maximizing Your Creative Potential With Models

Part 1 – Environment, Posing & Style

March 24th 2023

We all know that photography is a creative art form that requires a keen eye, technical skill, and an ability to work with subjects to achieve a common vision. So, one of the most important subjects a photographer can work with is a model. A talented and experienced model can help elevate a photoshoot to all new heights. But, it’s up to the photographer to provide the direction and vision to make it a true success.

From Isolation to Connection

How To Unleash Your Creativity, Overcome Fear And Connect With Your Community Of Photographers

March 10th 2023

Tapping into a community, building authentic friendships and allowing your creative powers truly run wild can be a struggle. Especially starting out…

I’m going to share how I began getting connected with other high level people and models. How I fought against my introvertedness to take the opportunity that allowed my career to start taking off.

Story Telling Behind the Portrait

How to Capture the Story of Your Subject

February 24th 2023

With portrait photography, drawing out a story or a narrative is so important. Otherwise, it’s just a picture without the depth.

In this blog, I share some of my favorite tips you can use immediately to begin capturing amazing shots time and time again. 

Featuring: Olga Muse

Oeschinen Lake: The Mirrored Lake of Mystery

February 10th 2023

Switzerland, in general, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. All the villages tucked away in amazing mountain ranges, rolling hills and meadows, historic cities, waterfalls and much more. But, there is one specific place that stands out among the rest. A place that harnesses all the breathtaking beauty, history, fun and activities that should be a no-brainer on the ‘must see’ list.

It is absolutely one of my favourite locations in Switzerland, which I make an effort to visit regularly. And that’s Lake Oeschinen. What I personally have deemed as the Mirrored Lake Of Mystery…

How to Capture the Perfect Portrait Shot 

January 27th 2023

The ultimate goal of a perfect portrait shot is to capture the subject in a way that is visually and emotionally impactful. Additionally, it should also tell a story, and convey a sense of the subject’s character. While also conveying the subject’s mood, personality, and emotions. My goal is to help you understand and craft beautiful portraits with any camera. To show that you don’t need an expensive camera and lens to get ‘perfect portraits’.

Featuring: Anna Abstraction

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