About Me

I was born in 1966 near Bern, Switzerland, as one of six children. Growing up – and still to this day – I’m a pretty quiet and introverted person who is a good listener and observer of situations. My first experience with photography was at the age of seven or eight when I took my father’s camera and used it to capture pictures of animals and plants on our farm. 

Growing up on a farm and very close to nature, I have always been fascinated by capturing that beauty. So, when I was able to buy my first, analog, reflex camera from my saved money, I always took it with me and photographed all kinds of things. When I transitioned to digital photography, I devoted myself to it more and have been very passionate about it for the past 30 years. For me, when I’m out with the camera, I am in a completely different world. Very focused and passionate about capturing moments, beauty, details of people, nature, landscapes, and more.

After my apprenticeship as a carpenter, I developed a love for traveling. So, I have traveled to many different countries in Europe, and especially the USA and Canada. I have made numerous bike trips where I was on the road for several months at a time. Always carrying my camera with me to capture memories and beautiful scenery.

Working to constantly improve my images, I have always looked at pictures of successful photographers, read books, and attended various courses and workshops. Over the years, I have participated in several workshops to work with and photograph people/models. Regularly booking shoots with private clients as well as professional models to constantly improve my skills. Through this, I have learned to put people in the right poses, pay attention to small details, and have a keen eye on capturing their story.

My favorite place to be is outdoors in nature, but I occasionally like to go to the city, attend concerts, and take trips. But on most occasions I like to be at home, make myself comfortable with a fine meal, a good glass of wine and watch a movie, or read a book. After several moves in my life, I have been living in my own Blockhau home as a self-employed as a carpenter since 2004.

But for decades now, I have been devoting myself increasingly and quite intensively to photography in my spare time. Striving to make it my full time career.

I specialize in taking authentic pictures of people in the surroundings that support their story, as well as travel and nature photography to bring fine art pictures to galleries, living rooms, offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and other public buildings. I aim to provide a pleasant and appreciative collaboration that translates into authentic images that people will remember fondly.

Why Work With Me?

I have an eye and an ear for your story and collaborate well to craft incredible images that pop your story off the shot. I can empathize very well with people, situations and remain reserved and considerate. All while going the extra mile to ensure the shots will be perfect. I enjoy a very high level of trust in my environment, and I always respect your privacy.